Results of the stress tests led by the CEBS in coordination with the ECB and conducted by the Banco de España


CECA (Confederation of Spanish Savings Banks) is publishing today the individual results of the Spanish Savings Banks that have participated in the stress tests of the European banking sector, a joint exercise coordinated by the European Committee of Banking Supervisors (CEBS) in cooperation with the European Central Bank.


Stress tests assess the extent to which institutions are capable of withstanding an extraordinarily adverse macroeconomic scenario over a specific period of time. The aim of this exercise is to assess the overall resilience of the European banking sector and Savings Banks capacity to absorb potential shocks related to their credit and market risks, including sovereign risk. The benchmark scenario variables employed are of use only for comparative purposes and in no case should they be construed as a forecasts or reasonable estimates of developments in the economy or of institutions' results and capital.


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